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Tourist Places in Nawanshahr

Punjab Tourism provides complete list of tourist places in Nawanshahr like Religious Places, Historical Places, Fun Places, Parks and Museums.


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Tourist Places in Nawanshahr

Gurudwara Charan Kanwal (Jeendowali)
Gurudwara Charan Kanwal was made by Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the memory of sixth Guru Hargobind Singh Ji. After his last battle in which Guru Ji killed Pende Khan, Guru Ji came here and gave the blessing of milk to a zamindaar, Jeeva. The village was named after him as Jeendowal. There is a big pool in front of the Gurudwara which was built by the daughter of Sardar Dhanna Singh and the building of langar was made by Bhai Seva Singh. The management of the Gurudwara is in the hands of SGPC.

Gurudwara Gurpartap
One kilometer towards the west there is a village of Thana Behram named Chak Guru and Gurudwara Gurpartap is situated here. Guru Teg Bhadur is said to have visited this place and seeing the shortage of drinking water he got a well dug here. Maharaja Ranjit Singh gave the land of the village to this Gurudwara.

Suraj Kund Rahon
Shopping Malls
In Rahon there is a old Sarovar (Pool) and a temple Suraj Kund. It is situated in the south direction. According to a myth in all over India there are only two and a half kunds, from which one is in Rahon, half in Haridwar and one in Nasik. All these Kunds are related with Shri Ram Chander Ji.

Baba Balraj Temple Balachaur
Fun parks
In 16th century Baba Raj Dev, who was related with the king of Jaipur's family came here and started meditating here. After his death his son got made a temple here in his memory in 1596. In 1534 when Himayun and Sher Shah Suri were going to fight Sher Shah Suri came here to seek Baba Raj Dev's blessing.

Sanehi Temple
Fun parks
The foundation of Sanehi Mandir was laid on 18 December 1869 by Pandit Nihal Chand Gautam, Pandit Mool Raj Gautam, Pandit Shri Kant Gautam, Engineer and Pandit Indu Dutt Gautam. This temple was made in six years. 18665 Rs. Were spent to built this temple. This temple was inaugurated on 15 December 1865 under the observation of Pandit Vishwanath, Deputy Commissioner Jalandhar and eleven pandits were invited from Banaras for the religious ceremonies.

Kirpal Sagar
Fun parks
In village Dariapur near rahon , Kirpal Sagar is built as a sign of human unity. At this place the worship place of four religions ( HINDU, MUSLIM, SIKH, CHRISTIAN) are made at the four corners of an egg shaped pool. In between a pyramid, a common symbol of four religions is under construction.





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