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Punjab Tourism provides complete list of tourist places in Firozpur like Religious Places, Historical Places, Fun Places, Parks and Museums.


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Tourist Places in Firozpur

Anglo Sikh War Memorial

No nation can afford to forget the martyrs and freedom fighters who kissed the gallows for attainment of freedom for all of us. It is out bounden duty to hold them in high esteem and perpetuate their memories by raising befitting memorials so that these could serve as a source of inspiration and courage for our future generations.

Saragarhi Gurdwara

Gudwara is a compound of two words, "Gur" for Guru, and "Dwara" meaning house or door. People of all religious backgrounds or of no religious faith are welcomed into a Sikh Gurdwara. However, it is necessary that any visitors remove their shoes and cover their head with a rumāl before entering the Darbar Sahib. Visitors are also forbidden to go into the gurdwara while they are inebriated or possess alcohol, cigarettes or any intoxicating substance.


The Small Golden or Eunuchs' mosque, in the ancient suburb of Firozpur, has fine carving, and is faced with stone fairly well preserved. The Tantipar mosque (1475 - 1480) has beautiful moulding in brick, and the Lotan mosque of the same period is unique in retaining its glazed tiles. The citadel, of the Muslim period, was strongly fortified with a rampart and entered through a magnificent gateway called the Dakhil Darwaza (1459-1474). At the south-east corner was a palace.




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