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Punjab Tourism provides complete list of tourist places in Fatehgarh like Religious Places, Historical Places, Fun Places, Parks and Museums.


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Tourist Places in Fatehgarh Sahib

Aam Khas Bhag

The Aam Khas Bagh was built for the public and also for exclusive use of the Emperor Shah Jahan. The Royal couple used to stay here while going to and coming back from Lahore. There were adequate number of palaces for the comfortable stay of the Mughal Emperors. A close scrutiny of the remnants of the palaces clearly indicate that there was a perfect system of air-conditioning in the palaces and the monument is called 'SARAD KHANA'.


The present building of the Sanghol Museum was inaugurated on April 10, 1990 as a unit of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Archaeology and Museums of the Government of Punjab.Excavations at Sanghol yielded archaeological treasures of great significance indicating a long history of the cultural heritage of Punjab. These treasures needed to be preserved and displayed at a place for public view and appreciation.

Ustad di Mazar

It is said that this tomb was raised as a memorial to the great architect and builder Ustad Syad Khan. The tomb of Ustad is situated at a distance of about two and a half kilometers from the Rauza Sharif. It has a pucca approach road.


Shahgird Di Mazar

At a distance of one furlong from the tomb of Ustad, there is another beautiful tomb. This is the tomb of Khawaja Khan the 'Shagird' (Assistant ) of Ustad Syad Khan. He too had attained great proficiency as a builder. Besides the architectural difference between the two tombs, this tomb once bore beautiful paintings most of which have now been lost. However, the surviving paintings reveal the high quality of art of painting during the medieval period.

Gurudwara Sri Fatehgarh Sahib

To commemorate the martyrdom of younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh who were bricked alive in 1704 by Wazir Khan, the then Fauzdar of Sirhind, a magnificent Gurudwara has been constructed. This Gurudwara is known as Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib, because it marks the conquest of the Sikhs in 1710 when under the leadership of Banda Bahadur, the Sikhs ran over the area and razed the fort (built during Balban's rule) to the ground.


Haveli Todar Mal

The Haveli Todar Mal also known as Jahaz Haveli is situated on the Eastren side of Sirhind-Ropar Railway Line just 1 KM away from Fatehgarh Sahib. It is made of Sirhindi bricks.It is the Haveli where Diwan Todar Mal resided. Diwan Todar Mal in his life time paid the greatest tribute to Sikh community by purchasing piece of land at the substantial cost for the cremation of two younger Sahibzada's Baba Zorawar Singh & Baba Fateh Singh from the Mughal emperors.




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