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About Punjab

Punjab, the land of five rivers and integrated cultural history, is a treasure trove for an avid tourist. whoever comes to this land of yellow fields providing the romantic and picturesque backdrop has never gone back without imbibing the essence of Punjab.

The Punjab covers an area of 50,362 square kilometres (19,445 square miles) and has a population around 24,000,000 in 2000.The name "Punjab" means "land of five rivers" and derives from the Persian words 'panj,' meaning five, and 'aab,' meaning water. The rivers, tributaries of the Indus River, are the Beas, Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi, and Sutlej. The five rivers, now divided between India and Pakistan. Area of Punjab that is between rivers of Beus and Satluj is called Doaba, major cities in this part of punjab are Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur and Nawan Shahr. Majha is between Beus and Chenab and on both sides of Ravi, this part is called the heart of Punjab and cities include Amritsar, Gurdaspur, Faridkot and Ferozepur. Area of Malwa is southern Punjab facing Rajasthan and East of river Beus, cities include Ludhiana, Patiala, Ambala, Karnal, Sangrur, Malerkotla, Shahabad, and Abohar.


Punjab is one of the smallest states of India representing 1.6 per cent of its geographical area and 2.6 per cent of it's cropped area. Agriculture occupies the most prominent place in Punjab's economy. About 70 per cent of the people are engaged in agriculture. As against an all India average of 51 per cent, it has 85 per cent of its area under cultivation. the state on an average, account for 23% of Wheat , 14 % of cotton and 10% of rice production of the whole country. It is only the districts of Ropar and Hoshiarpur that the cultivated area is less than 60 per cent of the total. It is in these districts that considerable land is covered by Shivalik Hills and the beds of seasonal streams that cannot be brought under cultivation.The fertilizer consumption in Punjab is the highest in India. The impact of the Green Revolution is perhaps most affected the state of Punjab .This has made the country self sufficient in the food needs, overcoming the dangerous situation of early sixties.

As many as 188,000 small scale industrial units are registered in the state till April 1993 (as compared to 135,305 in 1987-88) with a capital investment of Rs. 1973 crore. The chief manufactures are textiles, sewing machines, sports goods, sugar, starch, fertilizers, bicycles, scientific instruments, electrical goods, machine tools and pine oil. The size of Punjab's Ninth Plan is Rs. 11,550 cr., at 96-'97 prices. A Science City is being setup at Jalandhar. The Punjab's per capita income is nearly double the all-India average (in second place is Haryana). Although Punjabi's comprise less than 2.5% of India's population, they provide 22% of India's Wheat and 10% of its rice. The Punjab provides a third of all the milk production in India. Punjab also has a number of thriving industries including Hero Bicycles at Ludhiana. The Legislature is unicameral. The state is divided into 17 districts. Of these, Moga, Muktsar and Nawanshehr were inaugurated in Nov.'95. Below is a list of all 17 districts and the area covered by each district per sq. Km.
Major Cities

Below are some of the major cities of the Punjab . Each have their own unique attractions.

Amritsar, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Patiala


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